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Petrushka - 9 May 1995 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Barry Wordsworth
Leader Yuri Torchinsky
Petrushka Tetsuya Kumakawa
The Ballerina Nicola Roberts
The Moor Christopher Saunders
The Conjuror David Drew
Street Dancer Jane Burn
Street Dancer Sara Gallie
A Merchant Ashley Page
Gypsy Benazir Hussain
Gypsy Elizabeth McGorian
Chief Nursemaid Tracy Brown
Nursemaid Natalie Bowhill
Nursemaid Chloe Davies
Nursemaid Philippa Gordon
Nursemaid Vanessa Palmer
Nursemaid Gillian Revie
Nursemaid Gail Taphouse
Nursemaid Rachael Whitbread
Nursemaid Zenaida Yanowsky
Imperial Court Coachman Gary Avis
Coachman Luke Heydon
Coachman Alastair Marriott
Coachman Maurice Vodegel-Matzen
Coachman Michael Nunn
Stable Boy Peter Abegglen
Stable Boy Matthew Hart
Masqueraders, hawkers, citizens, policemen etc Artists of The Royal Ballet
Masqueraders, hawkers, citizens, policemen etc Students of The Royal Ballet School
The Royal Ballet Sinfonia
Durations: Entire work: 9.29-10.06pm
Event: Number 4 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 9 May 1995
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet and stage manager's report for 9 May 1995 (in Royal Opera House Collections)