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Donald of the Burthens - 12 December 1951 Evening 7.00pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: Sadler's Wells Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Original season
Conductor Robert Irving
Leader Thomas Matthews
Donald Alexander Grant
Death Beryl Grey
Waulking Song Deirdre Dixon
Waulking Song Brenda Taylor
Waulking Song Meriel Evans
Waulking Song Wendy Winn
Waulking Song Catherine Boulton
Waulking Song Joan Benesh
Waulking Song Anya Linden
Waulking Song Angela Walton
Waulking Song Rosemary Valaire
Waulking Song Mary Drage
Waulking Song Valerie Taylor
Waulking Song Yvonne English
The Mother Julia Farron
Goat Man
one of Three Goat Men
Ray Powell
Goat Man
one of Three Goat Men
Henry Legerton
Goat Man
one of Three Goat Men
Franklin White
The King Leslie Edwards
The King's Guest Julia Farron
Lament Christine du Boulay
Lament Diane Forhan
Lament Anna Carne
Lament Valerie Taylor
Lament Brenda Taylor
Lament Wendy Winn
Lament June Lesley
Lament Rosemary Valaire
Lament Mary Drage
Lament Catherine Boulton
Lament Yvonne English
Lament Deirdre Dixon
Lament Anya Linden
Lament Meriel Evans
Lament Joan Benesh
Lament Angela Walton
Sword Dance Brian Shaw
Sword Dance Gilbert Vernon
Sword Dance Keith Milland
Sword Dance John Sale
Sword Dance Desmond Doyle
Sword Dance William Barrett
Sword Dance Bryan Ashbridge
Sword Dance Douglas Steuart
Sword Dance Peter Clegg
Country Dance Pauline Clayden
Country Dance Dorothea Zaymes
Country Dance Anne Heaton
Country Dance Jill Gregory
Child Joan Blakeney
Child Helen Trevor
Child Judith Sinclair
Child Shirley Bateman
Child Donald Kilgour
Child David Shields
Porter Henry Naughton
Porter Colin Worth
Porter Johaar Mosaval
Porter Russell Kerr
Finale Full Company
The Piper Angus MacAulay
Singer James Macphee
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Durations: Entire work: 7.59-8.36pm
Event: Number 2 in Sadler's Wells Ballet mixed programme 12 December 1951
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 12 December 1951 and stage management reports 1951-52 (in Royal Opera House Collections)