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Hamlet - 27 March 1958 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Hugo Rignold
Leader Joshua Glazier
King of Denmark John Hart
son of the late King, nephew to the present King
Robert Helpmann
Lord Chamberlain
Franklin White
son to Polonius
David Blair
Gravedigger Ray Powell
Ghost of Hamlet's Father Leslie Edwards
Queen of Denmark
and mother to Hamlet
Julia Farron
daughter to Polonius
Anya Linden
Page Doreen Wells
Court Lady Margaret Hill
Court Lady Meriel Evans
Court Lady Hylda Zinkin
Court Lady Margaret Mercier
Court Lady Jennifer Gay
Court Lady Christine Beckley
Court Lady Georgina Parkinson
Court Lady Jacqueline Watcham
Court Lady Doreen Eastlake
Court Lady Margaret Wing
Court Gentleman Gary Burne
Court Gentleman Derek Rencher
Court Gentleman Maurice Metliss
Court Gentleman David Drew
Court Gentleman Ronald Plaisted
Court Gentleman Christopher Newton
Court Gentleman Douglas Steuart
Court Gentleman Richard Farley
Court Gentleman Petrus Bosman
Court Gentleman Keith Rosson
Pall-bearer John Stevens
Pall-bearer Robert Mead
Pall-bearer Jeffrey Phillips
Pall-bearer Ian Hamilton
A symphony orchestra
Event: Number 3 in The Royal Ballet Gala 27 March 1958
Information source: Royal Opera House Gala programme for 27 March 1958 (in Royal Opera House Collections)