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The Firebird - 24 September 1956 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: Sadler's Wells Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Robert Irving
Leader Charles Taylor
The Firebird Nadia Nerina
Ivan Tsarevitch Michael Somes
The Beautiful Tsarevna Svetlana Beriosova
The Immortal Kostchei John Hart
Enchanted Princess Valerie Taylor
Enchanted Princess Catherine Boulton
Enchanted Princess Deirdre Dixon
Enchanted Princess Brenda Taylor
Enchanted Princess Meriel Evans
Enchanted Princess Angela Walton
Enchanted Princess Rosemary Lindsay
Enchanted Princess Dorothea Zaymes
Enchanted Princess Annette Page
Enchanted Princess Anya Linden
Enchanted Princess Mary Drage
Enchanted Princess Shirley Grahame
Indian Girl Doreen Eastlake
Indian Girl Stella Farrance
Indian Girl Jennifer Gay
Indian Girl Jacqueline Watcham
Indian Girl Margaret Wing
Indian Girl Margaret Mercier
One of Kostchei's Wives Yvonne Cartier
One of Kostchei's Wives Doreen Wells
One of Kostchei's Wives Joan Benesh
One of Kostchei's Wives Sallie Lewis
One of Kostchei's Wives Merle Park
One of Kostchei's Wives Georgina Parkinson
One of Kostchei's Wives Hylda Zinkin
One of Kostchei's Wives Judith Sinclair
One of Kostchei's Wives Antoinette Sibley
One of Kostchei's Wives Ann Howard
One of Kostchei's Wives Christine Beckley
One of Kostchei's Wives Mavis Osborn
Youth Peter Clegg
Youth Ray Powell
Youth Keith Milland
Youth Franklin White
Youth Douglas Steuart
Youth John Sale
Indian Desmond Doyle
Indian Bryan Ashbridge
Indian Gary Burne
Indian Derek Rencher
Indian Ronald Plaisted
Indian Christopher Newton
Kikomora Graham Usher
Kikomora Basil Thompson
Kikomora William Wilson
Kikomora David Shields
One of The Belibotchki David Boswell
One of The Belibotchki Keith Rosson
One of The Belibotchki Clive Molloy
One of The Belibotchki David Drew
One of Kostchei's Attendants Leslie Edwards
One of Kostchei's Attendants Arnott Mader
Monsters, Pages, Cavaliers, etc.
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Durations: Entire work: 9.05-9.49pm
Event: Number 4 in Sadler's Wells Ballet mixed programme 24 September 1956
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 24 September 1956 (in Royal Opera House Collections)