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Homage to The Queen - 21 April 1954 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: Sadler's Wells Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor John Hollingsworth
Leader Charles Taylor
Entrée Procession of the Four Elements
The Queen of the Earth Nadia Nerina
Her Consort Alexis Rassine
Her Attendant Joan Benesh
Her Attendant Judith Sinclair
Her Attendant June Lesley
Her Attendant Shirley Camp
Her Attendant Angela Walton
Her Attendant Anne Stringer
Pas de Six Gerd Larsen
Pas de Six Margaret Dale
Pas de Six Pauline Clayden
Pas de Six Michael Boulton
Pas de Six Peter Clegg
Pas de Six Ray Powell
The Queen of the Waters Svetlana Beriosova
Her Consort John Hart
Her Attendant Catherine Boulton
Her Attendant Shirley Bateman
Her Attendant Meriel Evans
Her Attendant Deirdre Dixon
Her Attendant Jean Horne
Her Attendant Brenda Taylor
Her Attendant Cynthia Blowers
Her Attendant Valerie Taylor
Pas de Trois Brian Shaw
Pas de Trois Julia Farron
Pas de Trois April Olrich
The Queen of Fire Rowena Jackson
Her Consort John Field
Spirit of Fire Alexander Grant
Pas de Quatre Mary Drage
Pas de Quatre Rosemary Lindsay
Pas de Quatre Philip Chatfield
Pas de Quatre Bryan Ashbridge
The Queen of the Air Margot Fonteyn
Her Consort Michael Somes
Her Attendant Valerie Adams
Her Attendant Elaine Morgan
Her Attendant Jennifer Gay
Her Attendant Patricia Thorogood
Her Attendant Stella Claire
Her Attendant Rosemary Valaire
Her Attendant Henry Legerton
Her Attendant Arnott Mader
Her Attendant Gary Burne
Her Attendant Ronald Hynd
Her Attendant Henry Naughton
Her Attendant Douglas Steuart
Apotheosis 'Homage to the Queen'
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Event: Number 3 in Sadler's Wells Ballet mixed programme 21 April 1954
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 21 April 1954 (in Royal Opera House Collections)