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Andrea Chénier - 1 May 1985 Evening 7.30pm

Opera: Performance details

Company: The Royal Opera
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Julius Rudel
Chorus Master Peter Burian
Leader John Brown
Carlo Gérard
a servant at the Château de Coigny
Giorgio Zancanaro
Major Domo John Gibbs
Maddalena di Coigny Anna Tomowa-Sintow
Maddalena's mulatto maid
Cynthia Buchan
Contessa di Coigny
Maddalena's mother
Patricia Johnson
a romance writer
Gordon Sandison
Andrea Chénier
a poet
Plácido Domingo
Abbé Alexander Oliver
a sansculotte
Rodney Macann
a spy
John Dobson
a friend of Chénier
Jonathan Summers
an old blind woman
Anny Schlemm
President of the Revolutionary Tribunal
Roderick Earle
Prosecutor of the Revolutionary Tribunal
John Gibbs
gaoler at the Saint-Lazare prison
Eric Garrett
Act I: Gérard's father, Fiorinelli (an Italian musician), servants, guests, singers, dancers, peasants The Royal Opera Chorus
Act II: Orazio Coclite (Mathieu's companion), Robespierre, Representatives of the Nation, National Guards, revolutionaries, citizens, sansculottes, Carmagnoles, Merveilleuses, Incroyables, newspaper-boys, a waiter, condemned aristocrats The Royal Opera Chorus
Act III: Alberto Roger (Madelon's grandson), Idia Legray, Laval Montmorency, Gravier de Vergennes (three accused aristocrats), secretary of the Revolutionary Tribunal, judges The Royal Opera Chorus
Act IV: Prisoners The Royal Opera Chorus
Children from The London Oratory School
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Language: Italian
Durations: Act I: 7.02-7.31pm, Act II: 8.04-8.31pm, Act III: 9.10-9.49pm, Act IV: 10.07-10.22pm
Television - live relay: BBC TV; 1 May 1985
Commercial video: Covent Garden Video Productions Limited
Information source: Royal Opera House programme and stage manager's report for 1 May 1985 (in Royal Opera House Collections)