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Enigma Variations - 7 April 2005 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Mikhail Agrest
Concert Master Vasko Vassilev
Edward Elgar (E D U) Christopher Saunders
The Lady (C A E)
Elgar's wife 'whose life was a romantic and delicate inspiration'
Isabel McMeekan
Hew David Steuart-Powell (H D S P)
One of Elgar's chamber-music cronies
Philip Mosley
Richard Baxter Townshend (R B T)
An amiable reedy-voiced eccentric who rode about on a tricycle
Alastair Marriott
William Meath Baker (W M B)
'With a slip of paper in his hand forcibly read out the arrangements for the day and hurriedly left with a bang'
Brian Maloney
Richard P Arnold (R P A)
Son of Matthew Arnold, a quiet contemplative scholar
David Pickering
Isabel Fitton (Ysobel)
Charming and romantic
Belinda Hatley
Arthur Troyte Griffith (Troyte)
A very close friend, outspoken and brusque though 'the boisterous mood is mere banter.'
Ricardo Cervera
Winifred Norbury (W N)
'Her gracious personality is sedately shown.'
Vanessa Palmer
A J Jaeger (Nimrod)
This variation recalls a summer evening's talk about Beethoven and, further, reveals the depth of friendship
William Tuckett
Dora Penny (Dorabella)
'The movements suggest a dance-like lightness'. An intimate portrait of a gay but pensive girl with an engaging hesitation in her speech.
Iohna Loots
George Robertson Sinclair (G R S)
Or rather 'his bulldog Dan who fell in the river and barked rejoicing on landing. GRS said "set that to music." I did: here it is.'
Giacomo Ciriaci
Basil G Nevinson (B G N)
'An amateur cello player of distinction - a serious and devoted friend'
Henry St Clair
Lady Mary Lygon (***)
'The asterisks take the place of the name of a lady who was, at the time of the composition, on a sea voyage'
Sarah Lamb
Edward Elgar (E D U)
'Written at a time when friends were dubious and generally discouraging as to the composer's musical future, this variation is merely to show what he intended to do. References to Alice Elgar and to Nimrod, two great influences on the life and art of the composer, are entirely fitting to the intention of the piece'
Schoolgirl Gemma Bond
Country Girl Emma Maguire
Country Boy Michael Stojko
Sailor Girl Caroline Duprot
Sailor Boy James Wilkie
Housekeeper Kristen McNally
Gardener Zachary Faruque
The Carrier Jonathan Watkins
Country Woman Celisa Diuana
Telegraph Boy Ludovic Ondiviela
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Notes: Performance dedicated to the memory of designer Julia Trevelyan Oman.
Durations: Entire work: 8.33-9.05pm
Event: Number 2 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 7 April 2005
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet and stage manager's report for 7 April 2005 (in Royal Opera House Collections)