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Poster for a performance of the opera 'The Castle of Andalusia' and the comedy 'Charles the Second' on 27 May 1829 at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden

Collection: Poster Collection
Object number: ROH/MAR/POS/2258
Date: 27 May 1829
Date notes: Date of the performance, rather than of the poster's creation.
Description: Poster with black and red text, listing the cast as below. The poster states that this performance is a 'Benefit in Aid of the Funds of the Printers' Pension Society, for the Relief of Aged & Distressed Printers and their Widows' and that 'in the course of the Evening, an Address will be Spoken by Mr Keely in the Character of a Printer's Devil'. Between the opera and play is a 'musical melange' of songs and a piano concerto. The poster also announces the forthcoming performances of the comedy 'The Suspicious Husband' and masque 'Comus' on 28 May; the operas 'The Marriage of Figaro' ('Le nozze di Figaro'), 'Clari' and 'Giovanni in London' (Act I) on 29 May; the comedy 'The Beaux Strategem', divertissement 'Auld Robin Gray' and play 'The Invincibles' on 30 May; the play 'Romeo and Juliet' on 1 June; the opera 'Der Freischütz' on 2 June performed by Mr Schütz's German Company; and the opera 'The Maid of Judah' on 5 and 20 June.
Printer: W Reynolds
Performer: Forde
Singer: Blanchard
Singer: Wood
Singer: Evans
Singer: Keeley
Singer: J Reeve
Singer: O Smith
Singer: H Cawse
Singer: Lucia Elizabeth Vestris
Singer: Byfield
Singer: Weston
Performer: Goward
Singer: Celini
Singer: Gear
Pianist: Forbes
Actor: Charles Kemble
Actor: Wrench
Actor: Fawcett
Actor: Duruset
Actor: J Hughes
Actor: Smithson
Singer: Mary Ann Paton
Singer: Nina Sontag
Singer: Henriette Sontag
Actor: Davenport
Actor: Jarman
Actor: Chatterley
Actor: Bartley
Actor: Meadows
Actor: J Scott
Actor: Power
Language: English
Dimensions: height 76 cm; width 51 cm
Condition: Good.
Related work: Le nozze di Figaro
The Beaux Stratagem
Der Freischütz