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Signed and dated costume design by Attilio Comelli - Mr Page in 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'

Collection: Attilio Comelli Design Collection
Object number: ROH/COM/DES/COS/1111
Date: 1907
Description: Watercolour and pencil design for Mr Page who is depicted wearing a tall red hat with a black band and a silver motif on the front, a high-necked dark blue under tunic with a white fur trimming, a camel coloured over tunic with scalloped edges at the hem, cuffs, and epaulettes, a belt and purse, dark blue hose, and camel coloured boots with white fur trimming. Includes thumbnails of the back of the tunic and the hat. The wearer name noted on the front of the design is: Rabot.
Costume designer: Attilio Comelli
Dimensions: height 37 cm; width 27 cm
Condition: Good.
Related work: The Merry Wives of Windsor