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Poster for the Grand Opera Syndicate performance of 'La traviata' on 8 June 1911 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Poster Collection
Object number: ROH/MAR/POS/0423
Date: 8 June 1911
Date notes: Date of the performance, rather than of the poster's creation.
Description: White poster with black and green text, listing the cast as below.
Printer: J Miles and Co Ltd
Conductor: Cleofonte Campanini
Singer: Luisa Tetrazzini
Singer: Giuseppe Mario Sammarco
Singer: John McCormack
Singer: Minnie Egener
Singer: A Louise BĂ©rat
Singer: Michele Sampieri
Singer: Charles Morin
Singer: Maurice d' Oisly
Singer: Rocco Franzini
Company: Grand Opera Syndicate Limited
Language: English
Dimensions: height 51 cm; width 32 cm
Condition: Good. Top left corner missing.
Related work: La traviata