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Signed and dated costume design by Attilio Comelli - Marguerite in Acts I, II and III of 'Faust'

Collection: Attilio Comelli Design Collection
Object number: ROH/COM/DES/COS/0162
Date: 1908
Description: Three watercolour and pencil designs for Marguerite. The half length design for Act I depicts her wearing a pink and white headdress, a short cape that has wide bands of dark blue and pale blue, a white shift and a white bodice with laced stays. The full-length design for Act II depicts her wearing a headdress of two pink, rounded horns, with a short white veil at the back, a white shift worn beneath a long pale blue gown with a laced bodice, full sleeves tied at the elbow and wrist with a blue and gold decorative border around the hem and bodice edge, and a narrow cream-coloured apron. There is a thumbnail design of the decorative border. The full-length design for Act III depicts her wearing a brown and grey headdress, a full-length grey gown with a laced bodice worn with a high-necked white shift, a full-length light brown cloak lined in grey, with a darker brown band near the hem and around the shoulders. The wearer name noted on the front of the design is: Madm Edwina. A handwritten note on the front of the design reads: '1 costume in grey. 1 small cape. 1 big cloak' and 'Piping same hue as gown'.
Costume designer: Attilio Comelli
Dimensions: height 37.25 cm; width 27 cm
Condition: Good.
Alternative number: CT 782
Related work: Faust