Le Lac des cygnes-22 August 1960 Evening

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Emanuel Young
Leader Charles Taylor
Prince Siegfried Ronald Hynd
The Princess-Mother Lorna Mossford
Wolfgang Gordon Aitken
Benno Alexander Bennett
Pas de Six Brenda Taylor
Pas de Six Helen Starr
Pas de Six Joan Blakeney
Pas de Six Christopher Gable
Pas de Six Ian Hamilton
Pas de Six Robert Mead
Pas de Trois Elizabeth Anderton
Pas de Trois Audrey Farriss
Pas de Trois Donald Britton
A Peasant Girl Kathleen Geldard
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Terry Westmoreland
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Colin Jones
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Cavan Orwell
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Alan Alder
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Michael Coleman
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Jeffrey Phillips
Peasant Boy/Huntsman David Boswell
Peasant Boy/Huntsman David Gordon
Peasant Boy/Huntsman David Howard
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Gary Sherwood
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Geoffrey Corser
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Geoffrey Cauley
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Alan Beale
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Adrian Grater
Peasant Boy/Huntsman David Jones
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Gordon Yates
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Anthony Dowell
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Piers Beaumont
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Ashley Killar
Peasant Boy/Huntsman David Morse
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Paul Brown
Peasant Boy/Huntsman David Gale
Peasant Girl Jennifer Layland
Peasant Girl Sallie Murdoch
Peasant Girl Denise Thomas
Peasant Girl Judith Colborne
Peasant Girl Janet Burgess
Peasant Girl Robyn Croft
Peasant Girl Alfreda Thorogood
Peasant Girl Kay Smith
Peasant Girl Margaret Knoesen
Peasant Girl Judith Maden
Peasant Girl Sylvia Michael
Lady in waiting Sheila Humphreys
Lady in waiting Gillian Orpin
Lady in waiting Meredith Kinmont
Lady in waiting Karlene Duff
Odette Annette Page
Prince Siegfried Ronald Hynd
Benno Alexander Bennett
Von Rothbart Gordon Aitken
Cygnet Elizabeth Anderton
Cygnet Audrey Farriss
Cygnet Doreen Wells
Cygnet Dorothea Zaymes
one of Two Swans
Carole Needham
one of Two Swans
Brenda Taylor
Swan/Cygnet Joan Blakeney
Swan/Cygnet Rosemary Lindsay
Swan/Cygnet Valerie Taylor
Swan/Cygnet Shirley Bishop
Swan/Cygnet Janet Burgess
Swan/Cygnet Robyn Croft
Swan/Cygnet Rita Evans
Swan/Cygnet Sheila Humphreys
Swan/Cygnet Margaret Knoesen
Swan/Cygnet Jennifer Layland
Swan/Cygnet Kay Smith
Swan/Cygnet Sylvia Michael
Swan/Cygnet Sallie Murdoch
Swan/Cygnet Helen Starr
Swan/Cygnet Alfreda Thorogood
Swan/Cygnet Denise Thomas
Swan/Cygnet Judith Maden
Swan/Cygnet Judith Colborne
Swan/Cygnet Kathleen Geldard
Swan/Cygnet Pamela Bower
Swan/Cygnet Jean Thomas
Swan/Cygnet Myrleen Hedley
Huntsman Alan Alder
Huntsman Cavan Orwell
Huntsman Jeffrey Philips
Huntsman Colin Jones
Huntsman Adrian Grater
Huntsman Ian Hamilton
Huntsman Alan Beale
Huntsman Robert Mead
Huntsman David Gordon
Huntsman David Howard
Prince Siegfried Ronald Hynd
The Princess-Mother Lorna Mossford
Von Rothbart Gordon Aitken
Odile Annette Page
Master of Ceremonies Alan Beale
one of The Six Princesses
Janet Burgess
one of The Six Princesses
Jennifer Layland
one of The Six Princesses
Denise Thomas
one of The Six Princesses
Helen Starr
one of The Six Princesses
Carole Needham
one of The Six Princesses
Rita Evans
Czardas Elizabeth Anderton
Czardas Margaret Knoesen
Czardas Dorothea Zaymes
Czardas Kathleen Geldard
Czardas Judith Colborne
Czardas Terry Westmoreland
Czardas Alan Alder
Czardas Colin Jones
Czardas Michael Coleman
Czardas David Boswell
Spanish Dance Joan Blakeney
Spanish Dance Brenda Taylor
Spanish Dance Christopher Gable
Spanish Dance Robert Mead
Neapolitan Audrey Farriss
Neapolitan Johaar Mosaval
Mazurka Shirley Bishop
Mazurka Elaine Thomas
Mazurka Kay Smith
Mazurka Sheila Humphreys
Mazurka Adrian Grater
Mazurka Jeffrey Phillips
Mazurka Ian Hamilton
Mazurka Cavan Orwell
one of Two Swans
Carole Needham
one of Two Swans
Brenda Taylor
Black Cygnet Elizabeth Anderton
Black Cygnet Audrey Farriss
Black Cygnet Doreen Wells
Black Cygnet Elaine Thomas
Black Cygnet Dorothea Zaymes
Black Cygnet Kathleen Geldard
Odette Annette Page
Prince Siegfried Ronald Hynd
Von Rothbart Gordon Aitken
Swan Shirley Bishop
Swan Janet Burgess
Swan Robyn Croft
Swan Rita Evans
Swan Sheila Humphreys
Swan Jennifer Layland
Swan Sylvia Michael
Swan Sallie Murdoch
Swan Margaret Knoesen
Swan Kay Smith
Swan Helen Starr
Swan Valerie Taylor
Swan Denise Thomas
Swan Alfreda Thorogood
Swan Joan Blakeney
Swan Jenny Thomas
Swan Judith Colborne
Swan Judith Maden
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 22 August 1960 (in Royal Opera House Collections)