Cinderella-1 July 2005 Evening

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: The Grand Hall, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul
Performance status: Original season
Conductor Benjamin Pope
Cinderella Tamara Rojo
The Prince Jonathan Cope
Cinderella's Stepsister Alastair Marriott
Cinderella's Stepsister Philip Mosley
Cinderella's Father William Tuckett
The Fairy Godmother Belinda Hatley
ACT I scene 1
Old Beggar Woman Kristen McNally
The Dancing Master Brian Maloney
A Tailor Johannes Stepanek
Dressmaker Vanessa Fenton
Dressmaker Francesca Filpi
The Shoemaker James Wilkie
The Hairdresser Andrej Uspenski
A Jeweller Kenta Kura
The Coachman Erico Montes
ACT I scene 2
The Fairy Spring Natasha Oughtred
The Fairy Summer Lauren Cuthbertson
The Fairy Autumn Laura Morera
The Fairy Winter Marianela Nuñez
The Jester Giacomo Ciriaci
The Prince's Friend Ricardo Cervera
The Prince's Friend Martin Harvey
The Prince's Friend Edward Watson
The Prince's Friend Thomas Whitehead
Suitor Michael Stojko
Suitor Gary Avis
ACT III Entire Cast
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
Notes: The cast information is printed in the programme for the run and there are no daily cast sheets, so there may have been changes of cast which are not noted. The performer information in this record is as it appears in the printed programme.
Information source: The Royal Ballet Overseas Tour programme for 29 June - 3 July 2005 (in Royal Opera House Collections)