Le Lac des cygnes-8 December 1948 Evening 7.00pm

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: Sadler's Wells Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Warwick Braithwaite
Leader Joseph Shadwick
Prince Siegfried John Hart
The Princess-Mother June Brae
the Prince's tutor
Paul Reymond
the Prince's friend
Leslie Edwards
Pas de Trois Alexis Rassine
Pas de Trois Margaret Dale
Pas de Trois Anne Negus
A Peasant Girl Anne Gieves
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Alexander Grant
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Brian Shaw
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Donald Britton
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Henry Legerton
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Gilbert Vernon
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Franklin White
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Kenneth MacMillan
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Philip Chatfield
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Bryan Ashbridge
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Robert Lunnon
Peasant Boy/Huntsman Kenneth Melville
Peasant Boy/Huntsman John Cranko
Peasant Girl Jill Gregory
Peasant Girl Rowena Jackson
Peasant Girl Thekla Russell
Peasant Girl Christine du Boulay
Peasant Girl Rosemary Valaire
Peasant Girl Wendy Winn
Peasant Girl Margaret Sear
Peasant Girl Fiorella Keane
Peasant Girl Sheila Nelson
Peasant Girl Anne Gieves
Peasant Girl Dorothea Zaymes
Court Lady Paula Dunning
Court Lady Pauline Wadsworth
Court Lady Jean Stokes
Court Lady Shirley Bishop
the Swan Queen
Beryl Grey
Prince Siegfried John Hart
Benno Leslie Edwards
Cygnet Violetta Elvin
Cygnet Pauline Clayden
Cygnet Avril Navarre
Cygnet Nadia Nerina
one of Four Swans
Gillian Lynne
one of Four Swans
Rosemary Lindsay
one of Four Swans
Gerd Larsen
one of Four Swans
Lorna Mossford
Swan Pauline Wadsworth
Swan Anne Heaton
Swan Thekla Russell
Swan Anne Gieves
Swan Julia Farron
Swan Rosemary Valaire
Swan Wendy Winn
Swan Dorothea Zaymes
Swan Fiorella Keane
Swan Margaret Sear
Swan Rowena Jackson
Swan Jill Gregory
Swan Christine du Boulay
Swan Sheila Nelson
Swan Karen Bliss
Swan June Laverick
Swan Valerie Taylor
Swan Shirley Bishop
Prince Siegfried John Hart
The Princess-Mother June Brae
Von Rothbart
a wicked magician
Alfred Rodrique
his daughter
Beryl Grey
Fiancée Rosemary Lindsay
Fiancée Lorna Mossford
Fiancée Anne Heaton
Fiancée Gerd Larsen
Fiancée Gillian Lynne
Fiancée Nadia Nerina
Spanish Dance Richard Ellis
Spanish Dance Gilbert Vernon
Spanish Dance Julia Farron
Spanish Dance Palma Nye
Czardas Violetta Elvin
Czardas Alexander Grant
Czardas Jill Gregory
Czardas Dorothea Zaymes
Czardas Margaret Sear
Czardas Fiorella Keane
Czardas Donald Britton
Czardas Brian Shaw
Czardas Henry Legerton
Czardas Paul Reymond
Mazurka Paula Dunning
Mazurka Wendy Winn
Mazurka Thekla Russell
Mazurka Christine du Boulay
Mazurka John Cranko
Mazurka Leslie Edwards
Mazurka Kenneth Melville
Mazurka Franklin White
Court Lady Valerie Taylor
Court Lady Shirley Bishop
Court Lady June Laverick
Court Lady Rowena Jackson
Page Anne Gieves
Page Phyllis Kennedy
Page Doreen Tempest
Page Annette Page
Page Barbara Taylor
one of Two Swans
Lorna Mossford
one of Two Swans
Rosemary Lindsay
Black Cygnet Margaret Dale
Black Cygnet Nadia Nerina
Black Cygnet Anne Negus
Black Cygnet Violetta Elvin
Black Cygnet Pauline Clayden
Black Cygnet Avril Navarre
Odette Beryl Grey
Prince Siegfried John Hart
Von Rothbart Alfred Rodrique
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Durations: Act I: 7.02-7.25pm, Act II: 7.26-7.53pm, Act III: 8.10-8.42pm, Act IV: 8.57-9.17pm
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 8 December 1948 and stage management reports 1947-49 (in Royal Opera House Collections)