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Black and white photographic proof prints of the Sadler's Wells Ballet production of 'La Boutique fantasque' (1947) at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Roger Wood Photographic Collection
Reference code: ROH/WOO/2/1/053
Date: 1 February 1947
Date notes: Prints undated; February 1947 is the date of the production.
Level: File
Extent: 111 black and white photographs, including some duplicates
Scope and content: Photographs featuring Moira Shearer and Léonide Massine as the Can-Can Dancers and members of the Sadler's Wells Ballet.
Creator: Roger Wood
Copyright: All images © ROH Collections
Condition: Good. 
Alternative number: Photographer's own reference number: 874/622, 874/623, 874/624, 874/625, 874/626, 874/627, 874/629, 874/630, 874/631, 874/632, 874/633, 874/635, 874/636, 874/637, 874/638, 874/639, 87H/202, 87H/206, 87H/207, 87H/208, 87H/209, 87H/210, 87H/212, 87H/213, 87H/214, 87H/215, 87H/216, 87H/217, 87H/218, 87H/219, 87H/220, 87H/221, 87H/222, 87H/223, 87H/224, 87H/225, 87H/226, 87H/227, 87H/228, 87H/229, 87H/230, 87H/231, 87H/232, 87H/237, 87H/244, 87H/302A, 87H/303, 87H/304, 87H/306, 87H/307, 87H/308, 87H/310, 87H/313, 87H/320, 87H/321, 87H/341A, 87H/342A, 87H/344, 87H/345, 87H/402, 87H/406, 87H/407, 87H/409, 87H/410, 87H/411, 87H/414, 87H/415, 87H/416, 87H/436, 87H/438, 87H/442, 87H/610, 87H/611, 87H/612, 87H/617, 87H/618, 87H/619, 87H/620, 87H/621, 87H/622, 87N/526A, 87N/531, 87N/533A, 87N/612, 87N/614, 87N/615, 87N/616, 87N/617, 87N/618, 87N/619, 87N/620, 87N/621, 87N/622, 87N/623, 87N/625, 87N/628, 87N/629, 87N/634, 87N/635.
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