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Black and white photographic proof prints of the Covent Garden Opera Company production of 'The Tales of Hoffmann' (1954) at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Roger Wood Photographic Collection
Reference code: ROH/WOO/2/1/033
Date: 1 October 1954
Date notes: Prints undated; October 1954 is the date of the production.
Level: File
Extent: 103 black and white prints
Scope and content: Photographs featuring Julius Patzak as Hoffmann; Eileen Barry as The Muse; Rhydderch Davies as Luther; Mattiwilda Dobbs as Olympia; Geraint Evans as Spalanzani; Howell Glynne as Crespel; Eleanor Houston as Giulietta; Barbara Howitt as Nicklaus; Judy Laraman as Stella; Ronald Lewis as Hermann; William McAlpine as Nathaniel; Elsie Morison as Antonia; Raymond Nilsson as Andres, Cochenille, Frantz, and Pittichinaccio; Forbes Robinson as Schlemil; Aston Shaw as Wilhelm; and Hermann Uhde as Coppelius, Councillor Lindorf, Dapertutto and Dr. Miracle; with members of the Covent Garden Opera Company.
Creator: Roger Wood
Copyright: All images © ROH Collections
Condition: Good. 
Alternative number: Photographer's own reference number: 182L/401, 182L/403, 182L/406, 182L/407, 182L/408, 182L/409, 182L/411, 182L/412, 182L/414, 182L/432, 182L/433, 182L/434, 182L/436, 182L/437, 182L/442, 182L/444, 182L/445, 182L/502, 182L/504, 182L/505, 182L/507, 182L/509, 182L/510, 182L/511, 182L/512, 182L/514, 182L/516, 182L/517, 182L/518, 182L/519, 182L/520, 182L/523, 182L/537, 182L/538, 182L/539, 182L/540, 182L/541, 182L/542, 182L/543, 182L/621, 182L/624, 182L/627, 182L/628, 182L/629, 182L/630, 182L/631, 182L/632, 182L/634, 182L/635, 182L/636, 182L/639, 182L/643, 182M/116, 182M/117, 182M/118, 182M/120, 182M/121, 182M/122, 182M/123, 182M/124, 182M/125, 182M/126, 182M/127, 182M/128, 182M/129, 182M/211, 182M/212, 182M/215, 182M/216, 182M/218, 182M/220, 182M/221, 182M/222, 182M/223, 182M/225, 182M/229, 182M/230, 182M/231, 182M/232, 182M/235, 182M/239, 182M/240, 182M/301, 182M/341, 182M/343, 182M/344, 182M/345, 182M/428, 182M/429, 182M/431, 182M/432, 182M/433, 182M/434, 182M/435, 182M/436, 182M/437, 182M/438, 182M/439, 182M/440, 182M/442, 182M/443
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