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Black and white photographic proof prints of the Sadler's Wells Ballet revival of 'Le Lac des cygnes' ('Swan Lake') (1943) at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Roger Wood Photographic Collection
Reference code: ROH/WOO/2/1/073
Date: 1 April 1948
Date notes: Prints undated; date derived from corresponding large prints.
Level: File
Extent: 113 black and white prints, including some duplicates
Scope and content: Photographs featuring Margot Fonteyn as Odette/Odile; Michael Somes as Prince Siegfried; David Davenport as Von Rothbart; Jean Bedells as The Princess-Mother; Nadia Nerina, Avril Navarre, and John Field in the pas de trois; Richard Ellis, John Hart, Julia Farron, and Palma Nye in the Spanish Dance; and members of the Sadler's Wells Ballet.
Creator: Roger Wood
Copyright: All images © ROH Collections
Condition: Good. Some of the prints are marked with crop lines.
Alternative number: Photographer's own reference number: 87Q/207, 87Q/224, 87Q/229, 87Q/230, 87Q/232, 87Q/236, 87Q/237, 87Q/240, 87Q/301, 87Q/302, 87Q/304, 87Q/305, 87Q/308, 87Q/309, 87Q/310, 87Q/312, 87Q/313, 87Q/315, 87Q/316, 87Q/318, 87Q/319, 87Q/320, 87Q/323, 87Q/426, 87Q/431, 87Q/433, 87Q/526, 87Q/527, 87Q/529, 87Q/530, 87Q/533, 87Q/535, 87Q/538, 87Q/541, 87Q/605, 87Q/606, 87Q/607, 87Q/608, 87Q/628, 87Q/630, 87Q/631, 87Q/634, 87Q/636, 87Q/637, 87Q/638, 87Q/639, 87R/111, 87R/116, 87R/119, 87R/131, 87R/132, 87R/133, 87R/403, 87R/404, 87R/502, 87R/504, 87R/505, 87R/506, 87R/507, 87R/508, 87R/510, 87R/511, 87R/514, 87R/515, 87R/516, 87R/517, 87R/519, 87R/520, 87R/524, 87R/525, 87R/526, 87R/526, 87R/527, 87R/528, 87R/529, 87R/531, 87R/542, 87R/543, 87R/545, 87R/611, 87R/613, 87R/614, 87R/616, 87R/617, 87R/618, 87R/620, 87R/621, 87R/622, 87R/623, 87R/624, 87R/625, 87R/626, 87R/627, 87R/628, 87R/629, 87R/634, 87R/635, 87R/635, 87R/636, 87S/107, 87S/109, 87S/110, 87S/111, 87S/112, 87S/113, 87S/114, 87S/117, 87S/122, 87S/123, R187C/105, and 1 unnumbered print.
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