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Black and white photographic proof prints of the Sadler's Wells Ballet production of 'Daphnis and Chloe' (1951) at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Roger Wood Photographic Collection
Reference code: ROH/WOO/2/1/092
Date: 1 April 1951
Date notes: Prints are dated.
Level: File
Extent: 131 black and white prints
Scope and content: Photographs featuring Margot Fonteyn as Chloë, Michael Somes as Daphnis, Alexander Grant as Bryaxis, Violetta Elvin as Lykanion, John Field as Dorkon, and members of the Sadler's Wells Ballet.
Creator: Roger Wood
Copyright: All images © ROH Collections
Condition: Good. 
Alternative number: Photographer's own reference number: 187F/201, 187F/202, 187F/203, 187F/204, 187F/206, 187F/207, 187F/208, 187F/209, 187F/212, 187F/213, 187F/214, 187F/216, 187F/217, 187F/218, 187F/219, 187F/220, 187F/221, 187F/222, 187F/223, 187F/224, 187F/243, 187F/244, 187F/245, 187F/301, 187F/303, 187F/304, 187F/305, 187F/306, 187F/309, 187F/310, 187F/312, 187F/313, 187F/314, 187F/315, 187F/316, 187F/332, 187F/332, 187F/334, 187F/336, 187F/337, 187F/339, 187F/341, 187F/343, 187F/344, 187F/401, 187F/402, 187F/403, 187F/405, 187F/412, 187F/413, 187F/414, 187F/419, 187F/420, 187F/421, 187F/422, 187F/423, 187F/424, 187F/438, 187F/441, 187F/443, 187F/444, 187F/502, 187F/503, 187F/505, 187F/507, 187F/509, 187F/511, 187F/514, 187F/525, 187F/526, 187F/527, 187F/528, 187F/529, 187F/531, 187F/532, 187F/533, 187F/534, 187F/535, 187F/536, 187F/537, 187F/539, 187F/540, 187F/541, 187F/542, 187F/543, 187F/544, 187F/545, 187F/601, 187F/602, 187F/606, 187F/608, 187F/628, 187F/629, 187F/634, 187F/635, 187F/636, 187F/641, 187F/642, 187F/644, 187G/129, 187G/131, 187G/133, 187G/136, 187G/139, 187G/142, 187G/143, 187G/145, 187G/201, 187G/202, 187G/203, 187G/204, 187G/205, 187G/206, 187G/208, 187G/209, 187G/210, 187G/211, 187G/212, 187G/215, 187G/217, 187G/234, 187G/236, 187G/237, 187G/239, 187G/244, 187G/645.
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