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Signed and dated costume design by Attilio Comelli - a Tzigane in 'Les Deux pigeons'

Collection: Attilio Comelli Design Collection
Object number: ROH/COM/DES/COS/0645
Date: 1906
Description: Watercolour and pencil design for a Tzigane who is depicted wearing a green hat decorated with black feathers, and a brown plume with ribbon ties that hang down at the back, a red bead necklace, a white dress with hanging sleeves that have a green and brown decorative pattern on the upper arm, and a green and black pattern around the skirt, a black and green sleeveless waistcoat with grey trimming, a green and white patterned apron, and a black and silver belt with a bag hanging from it. She smokes a pipe. The note '6' on the front of the design denotes the number of costumes to be made from this design. The wearer names noted on the front of the design are: Pluys, Sergarit (unclear), Leclerc, Ragma, Dragers, Cullot. The wearer names noted on the back of the design are: Cravillon, Devandelaer, Pluys, Souchay, Menlendyck, Radamakers.
Costume designer: Attilio Comelli
Dimensions: height 37 cm; width 27 cm
Condition: Good.
Related work: Les Deux pigeons