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Poster for the Royal Italian Opera performance of the opera 'Semiramide' and the ballet 'La Bouquetière de Venise' on 6 May 1847 at the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden

Collection: Poster Collection
Object number: ROH/MAR/POS/2243
Date: 6 May 1847
Date notes: Date of the performance, rather than of the poster's creation.
Description: Poster with black and red text, listing the casts as below.
Printer: J Mallett
Conductor: Michael Costa
Singer: Giulia Grisi
Singer: Marietta Alboni
Singer: Salvatore Lavià
Singer: Joseph Dieudonné Tagliafico
Singer: Antonio Tamburini
Director of the Ballet: Albert
Dancer: Fanny Elssler
Dancer: de Melisse
Dancer: F Auriol
Dancer: Delechaux
Dancer: Marietta Baderna
Dancer: Marie Guy Stephan
Dancer: Duval
Dancer: Petipa
Dancer: Croce
Dancer: Delferier
Dancer: O'Bryan
Company: Royal Italian Opera
Language: English
Dimensions: height 76 cm; width 51 cm
Condition: Fair.Poster has been cleaned and conserved.
Related work: Semiramide