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Poster for the performance of the opera 'The Exile' and the farce 'The Portrait of Cervantes; Or, The Plotting Lovers' on 9 December 1809 at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden

Collection: Poster Collection
Object number: ROH/MAR/POS/2255
Date: 9 December 1809
Date notes: Date of the performance, rather than of the poster's creation.
Description: Poster with black and red text, listing the cast as below. In Act II the dances for 'The Coronation of the Empress Elizabeth' were composed by Mr Bologna and danced by the 'Misses Adams and the Corps de Ballet'. The poster also announces forthcoming performances of the tragedy 'Romeo and Juliet' and the ballet-pantomime 'Don Juan' on 11 December; the comedy 'John Bull; or, An Englishman's Fire-Side' and 'The Farmer' on 12 December; the comedy 'Every Man in his Humour' and the ballet-pantomime 'Oscar and Malvina' on 13 December; the comedy 'The Provoked Husband; or, A Journey to London' on 14 December; and the comic opera 'The Castle of Andalusia' and 'Lorenza' and other songs by a 'Young Lady, (Being her first appearance on any Stage)' on 15 December.
Printer: E Macleish
Director: Farley
Singer: Egerton
Singer: Munden
Singer: Liston
Singer: Bellamy
Singer: Creswell
Singer: M Bristow
Singer: Young
Singer: Jefferies
Singer: Murray
Singer: Chapman
Singer: Fawcett
Singer: Saint Leger
Singer: Humphries
Singer: H Johnston
Singer: Dickons
Singer: Emery
Singer: Coates
Singer: Findlay
Singer: Hardy
Singer: Price
Singer: Whitmore
Actor: Jones
Actor: Brunton
Actor: Blanchard
Actor: Waddy
Actor: Holland
Actor: Brown
Actor: Grant
Actor: Heath
Actor: Sarjant
Actor: Gibbs
Company: Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
Language: English
Condition: Good.