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Genre Title
Ballet Walk and Talk (Ashley Page)
Ballet The Walk to the Paradise Garden (Frederick Ashton)
Opera Die Walküre (Richard Wagner)
Opera War and Peace (Sergey Prokofiev)
Music War Requiem (Benjamin Britten)
Ballet Waterfalls (Kenneth MacMillan)
Ballet We Are (Ernst Meisner)
Opera We Come to the River (Hans Werner Henze)
Ballet A Wedding Bouquet (Frederick Ashton)
Opera Werther (Jules Massenet)
Ballet What if... (Ernst Meisner)
Music What's in a Song? (Howard Goodall)
Ballet When We Stop Talking (Ashley Page)
Ballet White Cloud (Peter Curtis)
Opera William Tell: see 'Guillaume Tell' (under G in Search by Title)
Ballet Winter Dreams (Kenneth MacMillan)
Ballet Wonderland - Scenes from 'Alice' (Wayne Sleep)
Ballet Words Apart (Cathy Marston)
Ballet A World of Art (Matjash Mrozewski)
Opera Wozzeck (Alban Berg)